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1. About

By trade, I tell computers what to do. I make apps, I build products, I throw events. I think about people, urbanism, housing, the internet, and living a good life. I live in Toronto.

You can find me on twitter, and on instagram. Reach me by email via phillmv at okayfail dot com.

2. Recent Writing

You can find an archive of my writing here. Follow along using the rss feed.

  1. Paying Remote Workers The Same Isn't Gentrification

    October 26, 2020

    Now that more and more companies are moving towards remote work, a debate has emerged concerning pay disparaties between workers. Can paying remote workers more equitably lead to increasing gentrification outside of large urban areas?

  2. Bailout Landlords, Get Social Housing

    April 9, 2020

    If scores of landlords become insolvent due to the global pandemic, we should bail them out directly – and nationalize their assets. We could greatly expand the social housing stock, and use it to protect tenants and the homeless.

  3. Actually, Rent Control is Great: Revisiting Ontario’s Experience, the Supply of Housing, and Security of Tenure

    September 26, 2018

    Rent controls are criticized for acting as a severe disincentive to new and existing rental construction. In this paper, I documented contemporary Canadian housing policy initiatives and investigated the theoretical and empirical record of rent controls in other jurisdictions. I then argue that rent controls' most important aspect is their regulation of the provision of security of tenure — which should be seen as a right of tenants as well as homeowners.

  4. Actually, Rent Control Is Great

    November 13, 2017

    An op-ed summary of my paper on why rent control is good, which was published in the Toronto Star.

  5. The Saints of Little Portugal

    July 19, 2017

    When you next walk through the residential streets of Toronto's west end, take a look at the houses around you. Before long, you'll see the azulejos.

  6. How to create relative links in MS Word via MS Excel using Visual Basic

    May 1, 2017

    I once had to do a bunch of work in Visual Basic for Applications and wire together a Word document with an Excel spreadsheet. This blog post documents all the things I wish I'd found by googling.

3. Selected Work and Projects

From 2015 to late 2017, I was a cofounder of Appcanary. We tracked security vulnerabilities in open source code and notified our customers when they had to take action.

We got into Y Combinator, we raised money, we built a product, we built a small team, we got customers, we wrote content marketing and published a podcast, we monitored hundreds of servers and thousands of apps. Alas, the market wasn't quite what we thought it was, and we ended up being acquired by GitHub.

It was an interesting time! You can find out more via our company blog.


Established in 2014, with a few co-conspirators, I organize and throw a regularly occurring storytelling night for Toronto tech workers. We produce a podcast, and a whole bunch of people show up. You should check it out.

Until early 2015, I was a cofounder of State Machinery, a security and development consultancy. We opened for business in November, 2012. We performed security audits, penetration tests, built mvps and advised teams on how to improve their software practice.


In February 2013, we built Gemcanary, a tool for monitoring known security disclosures in Rails/Bundler enabled applications on Github. I wrote a little bit more about it on the State Machinery blog. It eventually led to Appcanary.


Back in January 2012, I created an app for an dance party art installation. I combined the instagram api with some javascript and it was a lot of fun.

NYTimes Timelapse

In July 2011, I put together an eight month time lapse of the front page of the I wrote a time lapse tutorial, and I also happened to capture the front page of the bbc. It got a lot of attention, and it was pretty neat.

Undergraduate thesis

In lieu of course work, prior to graduating I wrote an undergraduate thesis on applying a naïve bayesian classifier to rss feeds.