Phillip Mendonça-Vieira

Hello. I live in Toronto. I work as a software engineer. I build things and put them on the internet, though my favourite thing to do is find ways to bring people together.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can reach me at phillmv -at-

Occasionally I write blog posts. You can find an archive here or on medium. You can also read about the photography I indulge in.

Here is an out of date list of stuff I've worked on:

I currently run State Machinery, a security and development consultancy. We've been in business since November, 2012.


Established in 2014, with a few co-conspirators, I organize and throw a regularly occurring storytelling night for Toronto tech workers. We produce a podcast, and a whole bunch of people show up. You should check it out.


In February 2013, we built Gemcanary, a tool for monitoring known security disclosures in Rails/Bundler enabled applications on Github. I wrote a little bit more about it on the State Machinery blog.


Back in January 2012, I created an app for an dance party art installation. I combined the instagram api with some javascript and it was a lot of fun.

NYTimes Timelapse

In July 2011, I put together an eight month time lapse of the front page of the I wrote a time lapse tutorial, and I also happened to capture the front page of the bbc. It got a lot of attention, and it was pretty neat.

Undergraduate thesis

In lieu of course work, prior to graduating I wrote an undergraduate thesis on applying a naïve bayesian classifier to rss feeds.