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People try to put us down / just 'cause we get around

July 5, 2011

phill: so

phill: I was at a party on… saturday

andrew: at your house/

phill: no no

phill: we’re all sitting around

andrew: what?

phill: I’m telling you a story sheesh

andrew: ohhh

andrew: ok

phill: i’m setting up the cinema display for the movie

andrew: go go go

phill: and I forget the exact comment but it was something like

phill: “oh well, but isn’t Anna the only one here with a job?” (her bf, Luke, is unemployed)

phill: << uncomfortable silence >>

phill: “Well tons of people have jobs. Uh… doesn’t Mina have a job?”

phill: (there are like ten people sitting in this room)

phill: and I thought about it

phill: I think every person in that room was underemployed

phill: (Mina is a freelance editor and so has large bouts of idleness as it commonly happens)

andrew: how do they make rent

andrew: that’s our generation for you

phill: and I thought to myself, what a typical generation Y conversation

andrew: ther’es an inkling of a feeling in me that somehow feels there’s something good there though

andrew: our generation isn’t just fodder for the corporate machiens

phill: we don’t settle as easily

andrew: or something

andrew: ya

phill: Luke is borrowing money from his mom to make ends meet

phill: but when telling me about the places he’s waiting to hear back from, he was happy that they all seemed cool

andrew: and i don’t think our gen is just pissing it all away and wasting time

phill: well

phill: I certainly am

phill: I suspect so are most

# 2011-07-05